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Permissions question regarding "Customers shopping on Facebook may be able to view the tags..."

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The new Facebook app has a permission setting that says [emphasis mine]

Customers shopping on Facebook may be able to view the tags you've added to their customer account.

This would be a Bad Thing for the way I've set up my stores. So I am wondering:

  • In what case can it be true?
  • Is there any way for me to know for sure whether or not customers can see the tags?
  • Will I really have to stop using tags for company-eyes-only data?

This is not good from a shop design perspective.


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100% agree. Really surprised there's not more discussion of this, this is currently the only google result for the phrase.

Why on earth would it be OK for my customers to see tags?? These are universally used for internal store designations.

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This seems wrong to me as well. Is there anyone at Shopify listening to this thread? Our private internal data should not be mandated by a 3rd party company. If anything it should be optional. 

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Did anyone ever get an answer on this? I am so hesitant to link my account due to this. 

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Hi, same boat here. Still no response from shopify?