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Photo reviews alternative to Stamped / Loox / Yotpo

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Hey fellow merchants! This is a self-promo, but you aren't gonna regret reading it.
Many Shopify stores have problems with very complex apps like Stamped, Yotpo, or Loox. They change your themes without you acknowledging it. Sometimes they start spamming your customers. We tried them ourselves—it's true.

But yet... reviews are so f*king amazing for social proof and conversions. Sooooo... why not make them better?


We built an app that solves these problems — It's called Reviews Bump, go check it out.

I value your time, so TL;DR:

  • 📠  Automated reviews (we send review requests X days after you fulfill an order)
  • 2-minute set up (Set it and forget it)
  • 📸  Photo reviews
  • 🙌  Coupons rewards for reviewers (incentivizes customers to shop with you again)
  • 🎨  Looks nice with you current Shopify theme
  • 👗  Clothing reviews (sizing chart with Small — True to Size — Large)
    Screenshot 2020-06-26 19.38.27.png
  • 🕵️‍♀️  SEO optimization (your Google listings show stars)
    Screenshot 2020-06-26 19.29.22.png


PS: Premium plan currently costs $1 for the first 50 merchants.

I will appreciate all the feedback you can give us ( As Tobi says — "Feedback is a gift."


Install Reviews Bump here

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