Photo Upload App with specific features

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I need a photo upload app with specific features. I run fundraisers for schools and collect all orders, then batch and process them at one time. Many of these products require my customers to upload a photograph.

I am using UploadKit as my app for the photos. It works fine - but I'm hoping to find something very specific.

  1. Ability to download ALL photos from orders based on SKU at one time. 
  2. Ability to rename the photo file based on data from the sale. IE: OrderNumber_CustomerLastName_SKU.jpg

Right now I have to manually download each photo individually from the order panel, then rename it manually. This process is tedious, takes A LOT of time and presents opportunities for errors on my part. I've reached out to several other upload app developers and haven't found the solution I need, so I may need to hire someone to build it for me.

Any ideas?


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