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Picking slips consolidation

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Hi All

I run a butcher shop and have an online store.

Is there any way to select multiple orders and create a single picking sheet that we can add to production?

Then we can print packing slips to pack orders

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We developed a consolidated pick slip for a user of ours so we import all orders since last time the report was run and then create the consolidated report for picking purposes. In your case you would print it out for production. The added benefit is when stock is produced you can assign it to orders based on what can be fulfilled first.



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We have a simple picklist app on Shopify. You can select multiple orders and create a consolidated packing list.

You can either print the list and manually pack items or go paperless and mark items as packed directly in our app. Once you're done packing we provide a link to your order fulfillment page in Shopify admin where you can mark the order as fulfilled / print packing slips / etc.