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i installed the new Pinterest app for UK stores and have noticed that I have multiple pins for the same product, it seems that if I have a product with multiple images them each image has been created as a duplicate pin. I contacted Pinterest and they have instructed me to edit the Pinterest feed. They have told me to contact Shopify directly but the community seems the only place you can actually submit any issues now as Shopify don’t accept emails to anymore.

This is the email received from Pinterest, hopefully someone can help me get this sorted as I have just over 300 products on Shopify and nearly 2500 on Pinterest.

Hi Lee,

Thanks for your email.
You'll have a column in your Shopify feed with the title "additional image links".

I'd request you to contact the Shopify support team to help you edit the feed as we won't have access to your feed.

Have a lovely weekend! Stay safe.


Can anyone advise what to do?




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