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Policy on free trials - installing app again after uninstalling

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Hi there,

I was wondering what is the policy on this 

APP X has 30 days trial 

You install the app, not useful for you at the moment you unstall the app .

20 days later you want to instal the app again.

There is any free trial days left (10) ? 

Or your free trial is only the days you had the app installed?

Or you completely lose your trial days fater uninstalling the app and will be charged as soon as you instal them again?


Thank you 

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Shopify Staff (Retired)
Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hey Liubov!

Richard M here from Shopify 🙂

This is a great question, and I can confirm out of the points you raise here the last of them is most accurate!

You only get one free trial with apps, so even if you don't use the full duration of that trial when you install it for the first time, it still counts as the trial.

That means, if you install the app again, the trial will have already been used up, so you'd be charged from that point in your next billing cycle 🙂

Hope that helps! 

Richard M 

Shopify Expert
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Are you sure about that? I'm pretty sure I've read in an older answer that Shopify did not take care of that, so that it was up to the app to count the trial days that have been consumed. Actually in our app we have coded this own logic. So if our trial is 30 days for instance, that the user installs the app with a trial, and uninstall the app 10 days later, we register that this customer has 20 trial days possible. Then, if the customer want to reinstall our app and, hence, we recreate a new application charge but with 20 trials days (not 30).

Shopify Partner
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@Richard, were you able to verify based on Michael's response? Does the app need to manage the trial days or is it handled by Shopify?



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A clarification on this is seriously needed...

Also, after being on shopify for a long time now, I am not sure which apps i have used trial before or not... so lets say I now install an app that has trial (which I have installed it and uninstalled it before trial ends) I will be billed ASAP on the next invoice for that ?

How could I know and make sure I have used my trials on that App before or not ?


Thank you!

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I don't think it's a serious issue, basically trial period is just an offer from an app owner to merchants. It simply means "hey, you can give our app a chance, and if you don't like it, you don't need to pay".

Think it's same as trial softwares we install in our computer, you can only try them one time. Keeping used trial days is not useful in most cases. You know you have tried an app when it doesn't allow you to try again 🙂

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Trial time completely depends on apps (how they want to show). Even while re-install.

Shopify will count the time what apps have given trial at the time of installation/re-installation. With our app, we have 7 days trial option. A customer installs it and uninstalls it after 2 days, again he back after 5 days, still, he will get the remaining 2 days of the trial.

Jahangir Alam Co-founder, Inkybay Product Customizer
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As per our apps trial policy at Hektor Commerce 

"Every store is entitled to only one trial period. So when you cancel during a trail and later reinstalls, it activates a paid subscription."

Additionally, Shopify doesn't provide the extended trial unless the app developer applies credit for the customer store.




Shopify Partner
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So, Shopify takes care of the trial period on reinstall?

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Absolutely not. the free trial is based on the subscription api. when you create a subscription the app developer responsible for the properties such as free trails days. so if u want to let the merchant finish the trial (if he deleted the app before) , you can. however you must code it by yourself.