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POS set ups

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Good afternoon,

I'm researching my complete POS set up and seem to be hitting a brick wall with what the best way to approach it is. It's probably easier to bullet point the situation.

  • I have a Shopify online store and a physical location in development stages.
  • I need to have a POS for the physical location. I would prefer to use email receipts only.
  • I wanted to use my macbook for the POS but Shopify POS is only available on apps. Most ideal scenario for me is an alternative POS that I can use and connect a card reader to that can link to my online Shopify.
  • I have an Android device that I would grudgingly be able to use for the POS app in store and connect to a card reader but the card readers I have seen recommended by Shopify seem to connect to only apple devices (iPad, iPhone).


I'm more or less going round in circles so if I can open this up to a bit of discussion and be led into a direction where this doesn't seem to be dead ends at every turn that would be great.


Thanks in advance,

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