Post purchase fields are not customisable, and issue with other language support.

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Hello everyone,

One of our apps adds Post Purchase Upsell functionality recently, at the time of the review process the Shopify app team asked us to remove the editing functionality for banner text and product description summary of the Post Purchase Upsell, they were the only editable fields that were in the post-purchase section, The only allowed way is to provide preset values for merchants to select.

Unfortunately, we've received many complaints from customers about this. The preset values we provide are generic and don't offer much customization. One of the main concerns we've heard from customers is the lack of translation support for languages other than English.

We want to ensure that our customers are satisfied with our app and have the ability to fully customize their Post Purchase Upsell. We understand the importance of having customizable text fields for our customers to tailor their messages to their specific needs.


We're reaching out to the Shopify community to see if anyone has experienced similar challenges and has found a solution or workaround to provide customizable text fields with translation support. We would appreciate any guidance or feedback on this matter.

Thank you

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