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Thank you for your help!  I'm looking for an app that will help me set up PRE-ORDERS of Chocolate Covered Strawberries that will be available Valentine's Day Weekend only.  I normally ship chocolate, but I won't be able to ship strawberries.  I would like to offer all of my local customers the option to pre-order and pick up, but only on February 13th and 14th.  I've looked at several apps, but none seem to fit this need.  I'd appreciate any help or guidance.

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Hi there! I guess it is a little bit wrong timing for answering to this, but for this particular case I would recommend trying KAD Pre-Order App. You can set up a schedule for your pre-orders with this App. For example, you want people to pre-order Strawberries from 1st till 13th of February, so you set schedule for this period and App will automatically open and close pre-orders for this period of time. You can also notify your customers about delivery or pickup time using tooltips or Email notification.
Here is the link to the App, check this out

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Hi, you could give the product you would want the pre-order for give the checkmark of continue selling when out of stock and then go into your product liquid file and use this code: {% if product.selected_or_first_available_variant.inventory_quantity <= 0 %}
{% if product.available %}
<h2>The product is not in the stock but you can pre-order it.</h2>
{% endif %}
{% endif %}

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