Pre Order with monthly payments

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So we run a direct to consumer beef business and we want to allow customers to pre-order a beef or pig for fall delivery.

We want to have a $250 initial deposit on our opening day for pre-order, then $100 monthly payments for 4 months after their purchase to help customers pay for it over time, rather than one lump sum on delivery.

The product wouldn't be delivered till fall, between August and Dec. So essentially it's like layaway.

We do have paywhirl set up for subscription boxes. So my plan at current is to set up a subscription for $250, then when pre-order closes, I change every subscription down to $100.

I'm trying to avoid how painful this is going to be and find a solution.

Any ideas?

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Our system has a structure where you can do this. You can charge them an X amount and later you can setup automated invoices which will send them an invoice to pay after every x days. You can contact our support and they can help you with the setup