Pre-purchase offers on checkout UI extension render wrong currency

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Hi all,


I've built a pre-purchase checkout UI extension which is offering upsells to customers, following the example from the Shopify docs here


The store is by default in GBP and it uses a one-page checkout.


When a delivery country is specified and is such that uses different currency to GBP the checkout refreshes and the items in cart get the correct price in the respective country's currency. For example, 15 GBP ~ 70 AED.


The problem is that the Checkout UI extension rerenders with the correct currency code/symbol but the numeric value of the price doesn't change so if an upsell product costs 15 GBP it'll be rendered as 15 AED. When that same upsell product gets added to the cart it is added with its correct price of 70 AED.


Any idea how I can solve this?


Thank you,

Martin @ Devi8 Studio Ltd.


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