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Hi everyone


I hope you can advise?  We currently have a website in development and need to choose an app that can provide a number of key functions around price and quantity - but not sure where to start.  Thus my request for the communities expertise.  Forgive the long post - just wanted to provide detail.


The company sells around 950 rubber part products.

Approximately 700 of these products have variant pricing.    So dependent on quantity the price will vary..... please see this product link below  as an example.  Some products have 1 variant price, some 2 and some 3 variants.   



We have currently used an app called volume discount pricing by shopcado which works, but was used as a stop gap measure - …because it doesnt have a bulk upload function.   Below is an ideal app functionality, but we recognise its unlikely one app would do all the below.   We would be happy though to pay a developer to help with this.





  1. Import/Export Functionality


Ideally we need the app to have functionality to easily update our pricing or quantity breaks selected via an excel file. Csv format etc. We would also like it that we could download the data from the app also to be able to cross check if needed.

2. From lowest price on product screen.


On the product screen we would like the price shown to be from and then the lowest price


3. Pricing Table


the current app provides a product pricing grid - which would be ideal to keep.




4. Discount Messages  -(this is a nice to have )


We also like a  discount messages that appear to upsell the product.  The current app dyamically changes pricing in the cart, but not on the product page.  Having this functionality would be great

See below example of the cart. It recognises we have met a price break and offering the next price break.





Whereas on the product page it doesn’t understand this.



5. Dynamic Pricing


We would like the price on the product page to dynamically change based on what is in the cart and what discount level is reached. For example in the below, the price should automatically adjust to £2.20 per metre.






This should also happen on the cart.




6. VAT - nice to have


Just for reference all prices should be inclusive of VAT  but also show exclusive of VAT also for the website. (if possible)





Or both together as below.



7.  Quotation for Larger Quantities (maybe an different app)


We also need functionality as per the below image to click for a quotation for larger quantities. This can also be seen on the website.




Once clicking this we would like a request form where they can enter the qty they require and contact details and this to be sent in an email to sales.


The above is in an ideal world - any recommendations appreciated and even better if you know if a particular app developer provides an installation or custom design service - as we would happily subcontract out and pay for a solution.


Thank you



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