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I want to print an order that has multiple fulfillments on different sheets.

For example: If I have an order with 5 products (A,B,C,D,E) I want to print as follows:


Fulfillment 1:
Product A


Fulfillment 2:
Product B
Product C


Fulfillment 3:
Product D
Product E


So what I want to get when printing is 3 sheets with the 3 corresponding fulfillments for example.

Is there any way to do that? Thanks.

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Is this because you have a product in the order that might not be in stock, or because the product is coming from different locations? Just curious why you'd want to split the fulfillments. 


In any case, you might need an inventory & fulfillment system to help split the orders into batches so you can fulfill more orders with less pick effort. Shopify by itself will split orders, but the process of printing each of the order slips will still print as is. 


Using SKUSavvy as the inventory and fulfillment system will hold your inventory in a visual layout and enable digital pick lists with barcode scanning and built-in batching mechanism to pick through your orders quickly. Once picked it will walk you through a step-by-step pack & ship process with box size suggestions and automated label purchase. 


This might be a good solution for you, although I think more detail of your question is needed. Please reach out or comment any other details. 


Fulfillment module to confirm items, get rates, purchase, and print labelsFulfillment module to confirm items, get rates, purchase, and print labels

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In the image I have a Shopify order. This order has two products and each product has a different fulfillment. This is because each product will be shipped to a different city. When I use the Order Printer app, everything prints to me on one sheet of paper.


So what I want is to print the packing slip of this order on different sheets and show the following variables mainly (order_number, location, tracking_number, _product_name )


This mainly as I said, although it is the same order, each fulfillment will be sent to different cities.



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Hi Chris,


Printrooster Order Printing app has just been updated to support Shopify's fulfillmentOrder API and Shopify Locations. It can be used to print order data or fulfillmentOrder data, so you can print invoices for whole order and packing slips to each individual fulfillment, automatically. If you're using different locations to fulfill your orders, the app can also be used to filter the fulfillment printing by location. You can also pre-filter your orders to be printed, and also print picking lists for orders or fulfillments.