Print Online Orders to Shopify POS Receipt Printer

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Is there an app out there that will allow for automatic printing of receipts to my Shopify POS Receipt Printer?

I have online pickup orders that come through and printing out automatic receipts from these online orders for fulfillment seems like a very easy thing for Shopify to have but I can't find any solution out there. Can someone help? 

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Is section "Print receipts automatically" here what you need?

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No, the POS will only print POS sales. Not online orders. It's very frustrating that it's been years that we have been asking for the ability to just print an order when it's submitted online, and there's no movement from Shopify at all.

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I developed have an automatic order printing solution for a web app outside the realm of Shopify. 

I wonder if it could be repurposed for print online orders to the POS receipt printer.

Can I learn more about your POS computer setup. How many terminals do you have. What type or computer is it? Which receipt printer do you have?

Let’s connect and I’ll show you a demo of the current solution.


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I get my online orders printed directly just by adding my hp printer email address to the notification sent when there is a new order.

Works like a charm !

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Could I ask you how did you set automatic print job with printer ?

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Hi Laura,


I try to do the same thing. Does it have to be a special kind of printer then? (Cloud printer..) Or do you have to set up some settings in your printer? Because to add an email in the order notification section is easy but how do you set up the automatic printing? Thanks!

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It needs to be an hp, with their "eprint" capability. Pretty much any current HP will work, I've used multiple Officejet, desk_jet, and currently a color Laserjet - M454dw to make it happen. The Laserjet has been the best, it's been working for almost a year now with no issues. You get setup on the printer with an eprint email address, you can set your own address or take the default jumble of letters, and enter that address into Shopify order notifications. Now when you get an order, about 5 seconds later your printer will print it out.