Printify App is not recognizing new collections added in Shopify store - not showing in dropdown

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I have added a new collection with four new collection titles within the title. I have done this a few times over now and it was easy and not a problem, at all.

Suddenly Printify is not recognizing the new collections. It is showing up in the Shopify store. I have added and deletd all of it two times now to see if I somehow I did it wrong, but it is there. It's just not syncing and showing up in Printify in my dropdow as an option or an address/place/link to put product.

I am on a new broswer now, which did wreak havoc on a few of my platforms today, but I was able ro recove my Shopify store and all else has since been fine. Printify is connected to my Shopify so there doesn't seem to be a disconnect there. Any suggestions.

It's two hours later of my trying to figure this out &  nothing seems to be working. Please advise if you have any insight. 

Thanks in advance!






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I'm troubleshooting the same issue now.

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Me too...any updates?