Private Knowledgebase and Documentation App

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We are looking for an app to create an internal knowledgebase out of. Something that will help move our documentation for policies, processes/procedures, and general documents into an easy to access place within Shopify for any of our employees with a Shopify login. It should not be customer facing. Ideally, it would also be able to link to customer profiles. Use cases would be for policies (obviously), job role documentation, processes for things like cleaning duties, and for things like local customer XYZ is not allowed to do preorders due to prior issues, with the customer name hyperlinking to their profile. All should be visible only to employees. Bonus if some documents can be hidden to everyone except specific employees.


I've searched the app store and am only finding customer facing knowledgebase systems, nothing internal. The Shopify file system is just a file repository, requiring downloading the files to view and edit them. So mostly useless there. No method to make a formal structure there, no way to pin documents, etc.


Anyone know if an app exists that can do some or all of what I ask?



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