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Hi, I am looking for an app that allows my customers to be entered into a sweepstake for purchasing a product.


How I would like it to work:

1. The customer buys the product.

2. The customer is entered into comp and receives a unique raffle number via email.

3. The sweepstake is drawn on a certain date selected.

4. Email sent out to customers notifying them of the winner.


Does anyone know of an app that can deliver this? Thank you in advance.

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That is such a cool idea. I don't think anyone has tried to used Shopify in such a format previously. Do you only have 1 product? Or multiple ones? Where are these raffle numbers generated from? Would you like the app do it it, or manually?

It can definitely be done, I don't think it has before.

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we organize a free giveaway every month (yes, every month). This is International, so anyone in this world is free to participate. The Prizes includes insane products such as 
Can we really say no to free things? Of course No. And why would we if those free things are something that we are wishing to buy all our life. If one can get it in free of cost as a giveaway, this is no less than a dream come true for anyone.The concept of Giveaway is quite similar to this. Here, you can get Free Apple Macbook Pro without paying for it. However, you have to try your luck with it.


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Our app can now do this, we support both giving entries for purchases, as well as assigning raffle tickets for purchases.

See ViralSweep Purchases

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Please check out our app  

All in one announcement bar

That encourages customers to shop more till they reach the goal amount with meter.
And then you can give away price. You can use gift icons and other free shipping icons.

Example store

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I believe our app can help you with that:

Please let us know if you need any help with it 🙂