Problem saving metafield definition using graphql api

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I'm using the graphql api to create a metafield definition and I'm getting the following error:


GraphqlQueryError: Argument 'ownerType' on InputObject 'MetafieldDefinitionInput' has an invalid value ("PRODUCT"). Expected type 'MetafieldOwnerType!'.


Here's my request:






mutation metafieldDefinitionCreate {
      metafieldDefinitionCreate(definition: {
        name: "Foo",
        namespace: "mynamespace",
        key: "foo",
        description: "Foo Object.",
        type: "metaobject_reference",
        ownerType: "PRODUCT",
        validations: [{ name: "metaobject_definition_id", metaobjectDefinitionId: "gid://shopify/MetaobjectDefinition/12312313" }]
          ) {
        metafieldDefinition {

        userErrors {






But when i check the doucmentation

PRODUCT is in fact a valid value given the documentation.

And even in the docs for metafieldDefinitionCreate even have the following example that shows ownerType with the exact same value:





  "definition": {
    "name": "Ingredients",
    "namespace": "bakery",
    "key": "ingredients",
    "description": "A list of ingredients used to make the product.",
    "type": "multi_line_text_field",
    "ownerType": "PRODUCT"






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