Problem with Translations using Translate & Adapt

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Hello, I have a problem (probably a bug) with Translate & Adapt. I had installed the application and had Italian (the default language), English, and French available. Everything was working perfectly. Due to necessity, however, I had to uninstall the application to try another one that also modified links. So, I removed it, tried other apps but I didn't find what I was looking for. So, I decided to reinstall the app "Translate & Adapt", only now it translates only one language. It tells me that the automatic translation limit has been exceeded. But when I go for automatic translation in French, it tells me that there is still one automatic translation I can perform. I wanted to ask you why this malfunction is happening and, if possible, to delete all the files from the backend produced by Translate & Adapt in order to reset it. Of course, I would also like to know what these files to delete/modify are. Thank you!



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