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Problem with Zendesk

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I was able to install the app successfully. I can use the Zendesk widget on my site and submit support tickets, and see the ticket on the Zendesk dashboard. The problem is that no customer data from the ticket is showing. I enabled and allowed the Zendesk app access to my Shopify account to collect this information during the integration. Any idea what's wrong?

I did a test by submitting a ticket. The order number matches up with the associated customer email address that submitted the ticket. Also has account on my Shopify store. Anyone experienced this problem and how did you solve it?

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I'm facing some issues with the App as well.


At first when I installed it into my Shopify everything was good and the app worked like a charm.

After a while and without any clear reason, the App disconnected from my Zendesk account and I'm not able to see the orders' details anymore.


I contacted Shopify's support team who contacted the App developer team from their side but still no feedback until that day.

It's quite strange.


If you could resolve this problem, please share the solution. Otherwise let's be patient 🙂

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you mention you contacted the support team for shopify. how please provide me with their email address or phone contact please