Problems trying to create a custom app from the Store dashboard

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I'm very new to Shopify so please bear with me.  I've been assigned a task by the owner of the Shopify account/store I'm working with to tie in a data integration tool (OpenBridge) which pulls all data out of the store and into a data warehouse for custom analysis and reporting.  It instructs me to "create a custom app" from the store's dashboard page...I've successfully logged into the store's backend and clicked on "apps" from the side navigation bar, however I don't see an option to "create an app" nor to choose a custom app.  I only see options to select an app from Shopify's library of approved apps.  Am I looking in the wrong place?  I've searched the help documentation and it makes reference to an app type called "custom apps" but it doesn't seem to show how to create one from Shopify's menus.  Basically the end purpose is to generate a merchant link that the data integration service needs to communicate with the Shopify store.  Any help is appreciated.



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