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I published a book with Lulu and when I wanted to connect my Shopify store to sell it.  I couldn’t. lulu allow only woo commerce.  

after some research, I understood that I have to upload Lulu app to my Shopify,  create a product on my store and then connect it to Lulu direct. 

Now it’s been 1 hour and the file  is still processing. It was way more fast on Lulu. 

Also I’m wondering if I will be able to keep the ISBN I created for the book I published already on Lulu. or do I have to ask for a new one  ?


the process is not very clear. 
does someone went through this process already? 

please let me know. 
best wishes 

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I assume you're using the "Lulu Direct" app ( to handle this?


If so, you can email Lulu directly with any questions you have involving the app or the process: 


With that said, the app is poorly rated, so I would expect some issues when using it. 


The way I'd handle this - if it were my store/book - would be to use Amazon's Print-on-demand Kindle system ( and then once you have your book added and live on Amazon, I'd copy the link to the book on Amazon, and replace the 'add to cart' button on the respective Shopify product page with a direct link to purchase on Amazon. 


This solution is definitely not as clean as having a fully integrated app on your Shopify store, but it would definitely work (and the shipping times for your customers would probably be faster). 


I haven't personally used Lulu before, so I can't speak to how good their app or fulfillment is. 

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Thank you!


I’ll email Lulu and see if they can support me setting up my store.


They offer also global distribution.

Means it will be distributed on Amazon. That’s what I understood.


If it doesn’t work out, I’ll use KDp.