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Hi all,

I am in search of a replacement for the current app we are using for product options as we are continuing creating more and more products which have the same SKU but a different price to allow for price variations. This is making the our admin products page very cluttered and means our online store and POS use different products and process orders differently.

We sell customisable Monkey Bars where many have multiple swing options. The swings vary in price and it has been set up so the actually frame itself includes the price of the preselected swings, which are mandatory. The swings on the frames are therefore set up at $0.00 but we also sell them separately for $125.00. For example our online orders would look like this; Frame = $1690.00, Swing = $0.00, Swing = $0.00, where as our POS order are: Frame = $1440.00, Swing = $125.00, Swing =$125.00. Making it a nightmare when looking at product sales and profits generated from a particular product. We also cant tell if an item is a freebie or just included and on a few models customers can select a product for less value without having the saving passed on as your can't make negative value products.

I am looking for an app which will allow me to build a bundle/kit of preselected products with the option to swap, while showing the total price on the product page. Ideally it would also show the preselected total price at collection page level (this is important due to Google/Facebook Shopping and showing customers the true costs), not sure if it is possible to alter the collection page level or if we would need to use a dummy product with the starting combined total and link it to a product builder page.


Would love to hear any recommendations or feedback anyone may have.



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It depends if you still want to offer options for customers to select from or have the bundles prebuilt. Both can be achieved.

The way we do it is you create a virtual products which is built up of your actual SKUs. The customer orders the product as normal and we then convert the order into the components so your inventory is up to date and fulfilment is easier as you see the actual products. You would need to adjust the pricing of each product on order so the total is the same but probably gives you better sales history.

For options you can set up variants which act as additional products and are in fact bundles of the main products. So variation one could be Frame only, variation 2 Frame and Swing.

The above is what we offer but there are bundling apps which build custom pages in your theme which the user then selects options from if you want to go that track.

If you would like to try out our bundling solution and see if it meets your needs just send me an email to



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In your current app, can you remove the dummy variants to clear up the admin?

Otherwise, you can look for an inventory linking app and create pseudo products. When a pseudo product is purchased, it will deduct the inventory of the individual items. 

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Thank you for your reply.

We current have to keep all products as the SKU is used for our inventory system outside of Shopify and for processing picking/shipping labels, as well as adding any price increases if a higher value item is chosen.

We current have an inventory linking app which is meant to reduce all products with a matching SKU but due to the number of duplicates we currently require, it does have some syncing issues.

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Hi Dek, 

I think the core issue is that you actually have truly configurable product. I.e. due to the number of permutations (the way components can be combined), it's difficult to represent your products as simple variations. My company offers a the ability to create a true configurable bundle or kit, which will allow your customers to "build" infinitely variable configurations of your monkey bars. Without having to pre-define them as variants which is a lot to maintain.  Our system allows you to represent the individual components as products, combine them together, calculate the summary price, and put the whole thing in the cart. I think we could save you a lot of time, effort, and aggravation in managing your catalog, and also give your customers a very powerful cross-selling system that gives them an easy way to build our their solution, and have confidence to book their order without too much confusion.  Feel free to message me if you'd like to discuss or see a demo.  --- Tim

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Hi @Dek_Burdle,

Are you looking for this kind of Product bundle? If yes, then you can try this in-cart upsell app.


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Hey @Dek_Burdle 

You might want to check PickyStory, which is the most advanced solution to sell products together on Shopify.


PickyStory support many types of deals:

* Combo Products

* Bundles (Frequently Bought Together)

* Kits (Pre-defined packs with tiered pricing)

* Shop the look (shoppable galleries, upsell buttons, and Buy the Look sections)

* Bundle builder (custom bundles mix & matched by shoppers)

Main features:

  • Auto-syncs your inventory for all deal types
  • One-click upsell
  • Fully customizable and mobile-friendly
  • Auto-applies your brand style
  • Instant chat support
  • Real-time analytics
  • Show/hide/lock options for product variants and quantity
  • Volume discounts and quantity breaks
  • Drag & drop widgets to any page
  • Works with any Shopify theme
  • No coding skills needed














You can add the PickyStory app here.

Feel free to reach out with any questions!

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Hy Dek, I think that you would find your desired app for all of your store management and especially in SKU and Inventory, from the Vitals app, Buldel upsells Pickystory app or SKU labs these are the paid extensions in the Shopify app store and for the free, you can try Bundle Builder which is free and also has a lot of reviews.

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