Product bundles, tiered pricing, inventory tracking

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With the PickyStory app, items out of stock are not allowed to be included in the purchase.

You can set up product kits representing any combination of variants and quantities, each one offered as a separately-priced tier. Shoppers can modify product quantities, select different variants, and so on. The discount values are also configurable for each tier. Last but not least, line item quantity is reported correctly for each product, so your inventory levels on Shopify are always up to date.

Some of the popular use cases include fashion/shop-the-look combos, wine gifts (typically trios), and home design collections.




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Hi All,

Writing in to see if you found a solution to your problem. Duoplane might be able to help - we can create Bundles in Duoplane, then sync inventory to Shopify for each of the bundle components. You can learn more about how bundles work and install Duoplane through the app store at the links below:

If you have questions you can reach us at!



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