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Hello there maybe someone can give us some advises, 

we are looking for some shopify app which makes it possible to brand our Product.

Basically it should be possible to upload a own photo or design to the product lable and this step should be implemented into the product site. 

if you could give us some suggestions would be awesome

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Hi @CovertFly ,  

Here's the app for you: Kickflip!

Kickflip provides a feature-rich environment for customizing products, including the option to add a name, number, badges, and even specific fonts to your apparel items, similar to the example you've shown. In fact, renowned football club AS Monaco utilizes Kickflip for their merchandise personalization, showcasing the platform's effectiveness and adaptability to high-demand scenarios.

We've also recently introduced Team Orders in private beta which might be of particular interest to you if you're looking to bulk order or manage team-specific customizations.



If you'd like to dive deeper into how Kickflip can be integrated with your store and the specific features it offers, we can book a call with our sales team or book a free webinar.

You can also create a free account here to get started and familiarize yourself.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any further questions or requirements.


Happy customizing! 👕