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Product Customisation apps with Inventory Track on Customisation

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Hi, I have struggled to find an app that specifically provides an option to add an inventory checker to prooduct customisation options. For example, I sell art and I want to be able to add a dropdown option to add a frame. However I need to be able to track the inventory of the frames - and need the app to disable that option when I have sold out! Has anyone found an app that does this? Thanks!

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Hi there,

We have customers with challenges similar to yours. We, at Stock&Buy, managed to solve their inventory struggle by using bundles. 

The idea is that each product has a couple of options, framed and unframed. The framed variant is a bundle that contains a frame (shared by all other framed products) and the frame variant itself. This way, if you run out frames than all product variants that require a frame will show "out of stock". 

This solution might also work using other bundle apps available on the Shopify store. The plus you get with Stock&Buy is the inventory management and reporting features on bundles and kits. 

I hope this helps. Happy to jump into a call to take a closer look at your use case 🙂


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