product/delete webhook not working

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Hey guys!
I have registered webhook through my app. Product delete webhook is sending response to server application, if I have deleted product from shopify product listing page. But when product is deleted from edit product page then the webhook not sending response to server application. Below is the webhook I have registered


I have one question:

Is there any other webhook endpoint for deleting product from edit product page ? Or I am missing something.


Thanks in advance


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Webhook was created via the API and I am performing product deletion through the admin.

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Hello Alex,
I am facing issue regarding product delete webhook . I have checked for some cases.
case 1 : I have created a new product with only title "Test Product" and then delete it.
   result : I have received the product delete webhook.

case 2 : I have created another product with title "Test Product 2" and added a image and then delete it.

  result : I haven't received the product delete webhook.


I have checked these 2 cases from API calling, Manually from admin panel and also from GraphQl but the result are same.
Please check at your end.

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WebHooks for deletions are Not working even at 2021.

Tested for:


Result: it fails

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Yeah, still not working for me either. Hans't worked since the start of this thread

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Have you reported it to Shopify? The last time that happened, it was fixed eventually.

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webhook for products/delete created from API

create product (with details, image and inventory) from API

delete product from API make correct trigger (sometimes 2 min delay)