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My store has a variety of products of cosmetics and food. Both cosmetics and food have expiry dates on them, so is there any app that I can use to insert the expiry and receive a notification few months before hand of the expiry date.

I have already checked the Shopify app store and I have tried the few ones that pop up on the search, however it isn't that convincing. Any other great apps or alternate methods that I can use even outside Shopify would be great to mention.

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1. Check this app:
It shows you are able to receive expiration notification (i.e. 30 days before expiration), as well you can publish the expiration date on the product page.

2. The alternative solution is likely a custom build application.

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Thank you @Nick_Marketing for the respose. Appreciate it.

I will look into the app mentioned and if necessary will go ahead in speaking to a Shopify expert on a development. Hope it can be solved by an expert.



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Hi Yunus,


I am in the same situation as you were months ago and wanted to know how was your experience with the APP. Same as you, I think, we receive cosmetic products from different lots and automatically with different expiry dates. How you manage that and track the expirations?