Product image design variant (additional variant option)

Product image design variant (additional variant option)

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Does Shopify have an app that offers an image design variant option?

We currently have our shop with Ecw. (as mentioning the full name is not permitted on the forum) - they offer an image design variant (in addition to color and size).

So the customer is able to select their design (already there as we designed each image option) from a list eg. Cardano image and then select their color and size of shirt.


Here is our store with the image design variant option:


We would prefer to do all image designs to upload and display (we use Printful as our POD) as we'd prefer to know the quality of the resolution and color will be correct - along with the customer being able to view what they're getting right away. As opposed to having the customer upload an image. 


Thanks in advance 🙂





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Hi, @Thecoinblock

You can actually do that in Approval Studio (among other things). There is a possibility to upload a bunch of artwork variants and let your customer approve the one they like, and, if needed, add a few comments about the design itself. And, of course, with no quality or color loss!)