Product option to select from other products

Product option to select from other products

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I’m trying to find what sounds like a really simple and straightforward app, but I’ve had no luck so far whatsoever.

I have a gift box product which contains 3 items, which customers can select from a specific collection.

I want the customer to be charged for the total of the 3 products, no discount and no special charge for the gift box product.

I’ve tried about 26 different apps and all over complicate things massively.

I’ve checked mix and match apps, bundle apps and customiser apps, I don’t want to set a default bundle of products, I don’t want to add loads of customisation, and I don’t want to create entire new pages for a single product.

I’m thinking to myself there must be one that’s simple enough to just allow you to choose from 3 products to build a gift box... so if anyone can point me in the right direction I’d be grateful.



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Hey, @TwistedCoops 

You are correct in that bundling apps act in a way that does not fit your exact needs for your gift box ideas. Since you want the bundling app to create a product that 'lives' within a collection that once clicked on, will have a dropdown of 3 products to select from that collection. The best alternative I can think of that would give your customers this type of user experience would be to use a custom product options app instead. That way you can create a product that will live within the collection, you can set 3 mandatory dropdown fields that list out the available products for the gift box.

The Shopify app store has several great product option apps that you can use. I've compiled a few of my favorite ones below for you to check out:

They all have similar core features in that customers will be able to have a variety of different options to select from when configuring your product. The main differences will mainly be how each app developer has designed their app from a visual standpoint along with additional robust features. 

I hope this helps! If there is anything else I can help you with, please let me know.

Dirk | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hi @TwistedCoops 

I'm building a new app regarding flexible bundle options. What I'm trying to do is to make it as simple as possible to offer build-a-box products. If you don't mind, would you like to join as a beta tester of my new app?

Similar to your experience, I've tested most apps on the App Store. Most of them are related to pre-defined bundles, which are not good for merchants with a lot of products. For other customizable bundle apps, A few of them are really too hard to use. So I'm trying to build my own. 

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Hi, yes I too have the same experience. I would definitely agree to be a beta test if it helps you develop a simple build a box solution.



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Hi @TwistedCoops 

OK, I will PM you more info when it's ready for testing. Now it's around 80% finished. The app User Interface is almost finished. I am trying to handle the template of the bundle product. And I'll try to see if my app can handle NO discount.

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If you are building this I would love to throw in my two cents.  Unless I am missing something with Infinite Product Options, it is greatly lacking for us.  When a variant is created which is what this app does when a customer chooses their options, it creates a clone product.  That clone product then annoyingly lives in my product list until I delete all cloned products.  But worse yet, since each variant is a new one-time product for one customer, the Facebook pixel will never match the event and I can't retarget my customer.  I am also not sure that these conversions count accurately in my campaigns since they can't be matched. I can't retarget my customer with an abandoned cart email either.  Therefore, my numbers for all analytics are all off.  This is roughly 30% of my sales.  Really, this is a huge deal.  Will be on my task list for January. 

If what you are building solves this...please notify me when available. 

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Hi @newday2day 

Currently, there are basically 3 possible ways to offer bundling under Shopify API (ie. developer interface):

  1. Generate a pseudo product. When the customers add bundle to cart, create a one-off variant with the correct discounted price. Add the new variant to cart
  2. Generate a one-off discount when customers add bundle to cart
  3. Use line item script to change line items in Cart. It's only available for Plus users.

The 1st and 2nd way will unavoidably generate dummy products, variants, and discount codes. The app developers can only offer a way to delete these dummy items for you. However, when the dummy item is deleted, the variant will be lost in all carts. The customers will no longer able to check out it.

Though each variant is a new one-time product for one customer, the template for the variant is the same. So the pixel will not be lost for some customers. 

Regarding Facebook Pixel, standard events like Add to cart or Customize product can be used. For more accurate tracking, a custom event can be defined to track users who've visited the bundle page. 

I will DM you when my app is ready for testing. Thanks for your insight!

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Hi @TwistedCoops,

I noticed it's been a while since you raised your topic, and I'm curious if you've found a solution. However, I'd still like to offer a simple and effective solution for you and other members to consider.


I suggest using the Easify Product Options app with the Product List option type, perfect for your needs. It shows a button on the product page, and when clicked, a popup displays a long list of products from your collection for customers to choose from for their gift box. This option type is exclusive to Easify app and cannot be found in any other product options app 😊.


Here's a quick demonstration on how you can set up your options using the app:

  • Create your "Gift box" as a regular single product, without any options or variants included.

  • Install the Easify Product Options app and create a new option set:



  • Add an option that allows customers to select 3 items they want to add to the gift box, using the Product List option type:



  • Add your option values that represent all the products in your collection available for selection. Simply click "Select product" to choose the existing product associated with each option value:



  • Once you've selected the associated products, the option values will display the respective product's image, name, and price.



  • After creating your option set, simply assign it to the "Gift box" product you created initially, and you're all set:



You can check the result before publishing it thanks to the in-app live preview:




I hope my suggestion meets your needs and proves to be a valuable addition to your store 🤗!


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