Product Options And Customizer App Does Not Show All Products

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Recently I purchased Product Options and Customizer App Premium Plan but in this app all products are not showing. in my store ~20000 products but in app ~1500 products are showing. All Products Are Active and Visible on Store. Still Not Showing in This App. Due to this i can not customize the products

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Which app?

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Hello @vikrant1234,

Can you please mention which app you're talking about? I can suggest you another app that works for the "Product options" feature. it's called the Inkybay app. With this app, you can add unlimited options to your product page. Here is a Sample product

This app provides great customer support and they provide services in many ways like live chat, email, ticket, and live meetings also.


You’ll get 21 days of free trial for going through all the customization features.Standard Business Card (Product options)– inkybay.png


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I know you are already using other apps. But have you tried Kickflip?
It allows you unlimited product options and variants in a very high quality visual for your customers. It can really improve your conversion rate as I see you seem to have multiple products and options. 
You can also add extra prices for different options, images, text on a product, create a visual bundle...possibilities are endless!

There is a free 14 days trial, so you can just have a look if it's what you are looking for!

Hope this help!

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Renee-Jeanne | Kickflip
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Hi @vikrant1234,

When facing issues with a third-party app, it's best to reach out to the app provider for assistance. If they can't provide suitable support, exploring alternatives is a smart move 👌.


For instance, the Easify Product Options app offers a modern Live preview, an impressive selection of 25 option input types, flexible product assignment based on conditions, conditional logic, add-on pricing, product additions, and more advanced features - all at competitive pricing 🤗


Plus, you can access real-time assistance through live chat. Why not give it a try?



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