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Product page options with linked to inventory & pricing add-on

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I need to create product page options (over 3 variations and 100pcs). I have a product A and I need to add product B, C and D with its variations on product page A.


Problem: The product A should cost 150 euros. When I create product options for:

product B (20euros),

product C (20euros)

product D (20euros) -> customer adds those to the cart - the cart shows 210 euros (150+20+20+20).


Can I make that the product A's price includes allready those product prices, without setting the price to 210 euro?


The product B, C and D are in stock sold separately and those have variant (3 different colors for each)


I have tested multiple apps now, including Infinite Options and Variant Option Product Options -apps.


1. In Infinite Options I can link the product to variation, but I dont have possibility to price the product.


2. In Variant Option Product Options -app I can control the option price, but I can't link variant to the inventory


Is there app which can solve this and I can control the variant price and link it to the inventory. 

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