Product Pricing with Formulas and Input Field

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Hi everyone,


I'm looking to sell gold leaf through my Shopify store. However, the gold price changes daily and so do the prices for gold leaf on my website. Updating each product variant manually every morning is not feasible. 


Does anyone know of a solution that allows me to implement pricing formulas for my products, instead of fixed prices, with one variable (wich I would use for the gold price) so that I can then update it daily in one place to make my product prices adjust all at once? 


Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated! 

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Hi @gezcaiy ,


You can have a product gold leaf. Now you will create you real product mentioning the cost of gold product cost separately.


When user will add the product in cart the gold leaf product will added into the cart too.


Since, the gold leaf product is separate you can change its price anytime and the change will reflect to all the product instantly.


hope this will helps…

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