Product protection & extended warranty app for EU region

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I am looking for app that provides product protection and extended warranty in EU region but I couldn't find any. Most of them, like Clyde or Mulberry, cover only US. Does anyone have any experience on this topic? Did you also look for such app?  

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Hi @Arnold_33 

We all know that Shopify is recognized for being amazingly simple to use, and you'll require it to be any warranty management software you choose. The Shopify Warranty Management app will assist you with that, the purpose of this app is to provide or extend the warranty on the goods sold in your Shopify store. The app makes it simple for customers to buy a warranty as well as protection on items from your own store. With the app, customers can get a warranty when purchasing a product.

Some interesting features of this app

  • Adding Warranty to Each Product to Increase Sales
  • Facility for the administrator to set warranty status
  • Customizing Emails to Send to Customers for Warranty Extensions and Expiry
  • Allow administrator to view customer warranty details
  • Allowing customers to maintain or extend product warranties

If you need any help and support you may contact us.

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Hi Arnold, we provide extended warranties in a plugin that you only set up in 2 minutes, can you book a meeting in


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