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We have many products that have different variants based on flavor.  We would like to setup reviews such that they are created against the specific variant and therefore then displayed when a particular variant is shown.

For example, lets say a product (ice cream) has 2 variants (vanilla and chocolate as flavors).  We would like to allow consumers to leave a review for chocolate and a review for vanilla and have them displayed based upon which variant is selected. 

Has anyone does this before or have a recommendation of how to make it work this way?  Also, before anyone suggests creating them as separate products that is not something that we want to do.

When a user is on a product page they would see reviews for the given variant they are seeing; when they click a different variant, they would see the reviews for that variant.  Also for those customers leaving a review, they would need to select a variant for the product they are leaving a review for.

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Hello, CREMA Review has that feature.

Our 'Product variant summary widget' allows customers to sort reviews by product variant as below.

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When writing reviews, the variant of products that customers have purchased will be automatically tagged to their review requests. Therefore, the customers don't need to select their purchased variants, but the variant will be shown on their reviews automatically as below :



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