Product reviews with hidden custom fields

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Currently building a tier-based members-only site. I would like to have product reviews tagged with the member's (the one who reviewed the product) membership tier level.


For example if Customer A is a Tier 2 member, then if they are logged in and submit a review for a product, the review, when displayed in the product page reviews widget, would be labeled as having been reviewed by a Tier 2 Member.

Customers will already be tagged appropriately to identify which tier they are in. So, I'm figuring that a way to do this would be to:

1. Require the member to be logged in to submit a review

2. Have a hidden field in the review form that would be inside a conditional, something like:

{% if customer.tags contains 'tier-2' %}
    <input type="hidden" id="memberTier" name="memberTier" value="Tier 2 Member">
{% endif %}

3. The reviews would display the submitted member-tier value on the product page.


I am wondering if anyone knows of a reviews app that would 1) allow custom, hidden fields to be used in the review capture form, and 2) would allow for the storage of that information to be used on the product page reviews widget.


(OR of course if anyone has any other suggestions of how to accomplish this, I'm all ears!)


Thanks in advance!!

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