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Product Variant App not matching Facebook Pixel Events--Help

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Hi -

We have a few stores but are new to Shopify.  We have tried two different variant apps, Hulk Infinite Product Options and Mageworx Advanced Product Options because we need more variants than Shopify allows.  I am finding that the apps do not and cannot match the "add to cart" and "purchase" pixel events.  I have 35% unmatched events on some of my best products in my catalog as a result and cannot retarget these customers the way I would like.  

Has anyone found an app, or solution to this problem?  Is there a developer that can write custom code to my shop to make it work?  My current developers are clueless and it appears that Hulk and Mageworx can't change anything to make this happen.  

I am still drilling down to see if the standard variant option that Shopify provides matches.  

Thanks in advance! 

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