Product variant apps that support multiple instances of conditional logic per option

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Hello! I'm new here and have just started exploring the app store, searching for good product variant addons for my store. I have found many apps that do support "Any" or "All" conditions, but I have not been able to find any that support multiple separate conditions for a particular option.


An example would be if I'd like an option to appear/disappear if 2 specific options are selected OR 2 other specific options are selected, I'm pretty sure this would require 2 separate instances of "All" conditions.


Another feature that would achieve what I'm looking for is being able to add conditions to each drop-down/checkbox menu item.


I'm looking for apps that can support this. Any help would be appreciated, thank you!

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Hi @WiredOpposite,

In most product options and variants apps, the ability to add conditions to individual items within a dropdown is limited to the entire dropdown. To achieve selective item visibility based on prior selections, consider employing two separate dropdowns: one with the specific option and one without. Then, utilize conditions to determine which dropdown is displayed.


If this explanation feels a bit complex, share with me your specific scenario, and I'll be glad to assist you further 🤗.

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