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Hello everyone!!


I want to create something like that(or maybe exactly that) 



where I have a product and i want to offer different "supply" bundles. I tried almost EVERY bundle app on the store but they don't fit to what I want to achieve. They only offer a single bundle or volume discounts which is not what i want cause for example for the main product + 4pieces of the second product, the bundle becomes too large and clunky by displaying all for images of the second product.


So actually there is no need to be a bundle with two products, I made variants of the product for every supply option, but i want them to appear in an offer box like the above and not a simple dropdown or checkboxes...


Bottom line, i want an app which will help me display the 3 variants in an offer-discount like box where the customer will chose how many spare supplies for the main product he wants.


Is there any app to do this? 


Thank you and excuse me for my broken english 😛


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I am also looking for an application like you said, I will leave my notification in this article. Hope someone can answer this question.

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It looks like you probably need a tweak to your theme design to display the variants in the way you are after.

In terms of bundling you can achieve the setup you are after using our app as it lets you bundle components into each variation and then when an order comes in we split the order lines into the components so inventory is maintained. Not sure if you still need this part. Our app doesn't modify your theme or create custom product pages.

A common setup is:

  • Option 1: Main product
  • Option 2: Main product and 1 extra
  • Option 3: Main product and 2 extras
  • Option 4: Main product and 3 extras

The above by default are just variants so display as dropdown unless you adjust your theme to show as check boxes instead of dropdown.



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Hi @mamitos 

Did you try Bundle Kit?

Our layout is not exactly like your example, however, customer will see each bundle as a Standalone Product (see an example below).

standalone-bundle (1).png

Bundle Kit tracks the inventory levels of the bundle and the individual bundled items as they are sold in real-time to prevent overselling.

Additionally, Bundle Kit will list out the individual bundled item SKUs in the bundle order for your ease of fulfilment.

bundle-order (1).png

You can try the app for free at:

Hope this helps! 


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Hey @mamitos,


Have you already checked PickyStory's Kit deal?


You can select variants for your products in Kits and it enables you to upsell with tiered pricing and quantity breaks to incentivize customers to add more products - Buy X Get Y.



  • Buy 3 A+B+C for $100 or 6 for $120

  • Buy 2 A+B+C for 10% or 3 for 20%




You can also check our live example here


Hope this truly helps and let us know if you have any questions.

Paulo M. | PickyStory

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