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Product variant options app for an online art shop! Help please!

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I’m launching an online art shop that allows customers to choose an art piece and “customize” it with specific options, which determine the final price.

Essentially, I would like the customer to select an art piece, select the color theme, then select the art type (whether they want in on canvas or an art print), select the art size, and select framing and finishing options. All of these variants would determine how much the price would be, so essentially as you’re clicking through the options, the price would change. Additionally, I would like for the main image to change as different variants are clicked. So, if the customer clicked Canvas, it would show an image of the art piece on a canvas, and if the customer clicked a black frame, it would show the canvas with a frame etc.

The best examples I've found of what I'm trying to accomplish are:

I've also attached an image of a wireframe design of my shop product page.


Are there any app recommendations that can accomplish what I'm looking for? I've tried Infinite Options, Bold Product Options, Advanced Custom Options, YMQ Product Options, and a few other ones I can't remember anymore but none seem to fit what I'm trying to do.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!! I feel like I'm running around in circles!!!

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