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Hi everyone, 

I have a client that has right now 4 variants (these might increase in the future). Of of these variants is colour, the other one ir roof colour and the last 2 are width and depth. 

Now, Width and depth are values that must be together to result in a price. For instance, 2 meters wide and 3 meters long results in a product price of $2000. If the client insteads chooses 3 meters wide by 3 meters long, than that results in $2500. 

Wide measurements go from 2 meters to 4 meters and length from 3 meters to 12 meters.

So, a client when he enters the product page will have to choose: 

1) Colour: White (for example, this does not represent a monetary value)
2) Roof: Transparent (This does not represent a monetary value) 
3) Length: (The client would need to choose both Length and width for the price to appear)
4) Width: (The client would need to choose both Length and width for the price to appear)

I was thinking of an app for this as the current combination of items surpases 100 variants (plus this is 4 variants with the potential to increase in the future) 

I am going crazy here,

Anyone have an idea? 


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If Colour and Roof do not change price or inventory, then you can use "line item properties" instead of variants to pass this information to cart and then to order.

Here is a nice quick guide on how to add them 

The page mentions the UI elements generator which is very useful tool to build those input elements 

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Hi @CarlosCarli,

You might want to check out the Easify Product Options app. Its Dimension type enables customers to input their preferred measurements for Width and Length. Additionally, you can configure the formula to automatically calculate the price based on the dimensions they provide. Here's a quick example 🤗:



Let me know the specifics of your product, and I can advise you on the best setup approach. Alternatively, for immediate assistance, feel free to reach out to the Easify team via the in-app live chat.

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