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Proper App type for application syncing products with other platform

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Hi there. I'm a working now on shopify PUBLIC app for platform.

  • There are jewelery sellers on picupmedia platform, which have their inventory of jewelery products there.
  • Some of these jewelery sellers have also shopify store.
  • We want to release our app in 2 phases:
    1. Phase 1 - Jewelery sellers automatically upload their goods one way: FROM Picupmedia TO their Shopify store.
    2. Phase 2 - Jewelery sellers can sync their goods in both ways.

In documentation on shopify appstore requirements page i've found list of app types
and configuration requirements for them:

1. Which type of app should be chosen from the above configuration requirements?
2. Should the app be listed or unlisted type ? (
thanks in advance for your prompt reply.

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