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We submitted request for protected customer data access a couple of days ago and now it is not clear what it the status and how long to wait until it is approved? The review is in "submitted" state with no indication of ETA.


Also, when submitting, the fields sections wasn't selected by misunderstanding, and obviusly, API fields will be not accessible even after approval. Is there any way to update the submission and include fields? Or another submission is required after the current is approved? 

I'm afraid the July 1st deadline will not be matched with all these delays.

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same issue with our app. Shopify has just cut off all the web-hooks blocking the app's main function. Tried to reach out to partner support and now just waiting for someone to reply and provide further guidance.

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same problem

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I have heard from the Shopify support team that the approximate time for approval is 11 days. We have been in a similar situation too. If you can get onto their live chat system, you can explain the extent to which your app will break if your approval isn't granted in time. If you ask nicely you might get an extension. Good luck