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Good evening is there a way to create a QR code for customer to make a payment. I do small pop up shops from time to time and of course I want to do contactless payment. Does Shopify have a qr payment that combines all methods maybe or would I have to do separate qr codes? 

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I am also looking for a universal QR code that I can display to allow people to send me payments in-person at events. Similar to how PayPal and Venmo do it. 

I assume it would probably have to be done with the Shop app and Shop Pay? Probably not many people have that app installed on theor phones and set up for Shop Pay though. 

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Hello @lml8503 @George_C 


This is possible by creating a QR Code that brings your customers to a prefilled checkout on your online store. When your customers scan the QR Code they will see the prefilled checkout with the products that you want the customer to buy, in the case of an event the product can be a ticket for the event.


To do this you can use our app Releasit QR Code Generator which allows you to generate fully customizable QR Codes that you can manually download to use them on your printed material or automatically print/show them on your thank you page, order confirmation email, order packing slips and invoices.


For your specific cases the configuration of the QR Code would look something like this:



And this is what your customers see when they scan the QR Code (a prefilled checkout ready to be completed):



It's quite a seamless experience for your customers, so I suggest you try it out!


You can install the app for free from the Shopify App Store here: https://apps.shopify.com/releasit-qr-codes-generator


If you need help we offer 24/7 support via email, WhatsApp or Telegram!


Hope this helps!


Marco from Releasit

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No. There is no way to handle POS payments via QR codes with Shopify for a product-based business. There is an app that will allow you to create discount codes, etc. but not payments. 

But I'm sure when or if they ever roll out this feature, it will only be available to POS Pro subscribers. I truly hate this platform.

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Checkout Links for Shopify is a very versatile app when it comes to creating payment links, landing pages, QR codes and allowing you to sell anywhere you want with Shopify.


You can create a checkout link straight to the checkout and also add discounts and other properties if you want. Also please try the Cart and Landing Pages which are great.


You can download it here: https://apps.shopify.com/checkoutlinks

You can read more about it here: https://checkoutlinks.com


And if you have any questions just let me know!

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