Quantity-based 2 Variants combination discount

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Hi all Shopify community,

I wonder if anyone can point me to the solution for the discount that I want to create.

I want to offer discount (fixed-price) for certain products only if my normal customer (non-tagged) fulfilled below conditions;
1. select 50 pcs Product A Variant X + select 50 pcs Product A Variant Y
2. select 50 pcs Product A Variant W + select 50 pcs Product B Variant Z

Is there any Shopify app available out there that can do this? Or is there any other solutions other that app?

Thank you.

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Hello, @faisalkarim 

I would recommend a Shopify app called Wholesale Personalized Pricing app. Hope this app works for you. Try it out: https://apps.shopify.com/personalized-every-customer?ref=commenting&m=community

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Hey, did you figure out what you can do?

I'm looking for a similar solution as well.

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Try VolumeBoost by HulkApps. So far it is the most versatile quantity breaks discount. You can set up until variant level discount. And you also can set prices based on customer tags. Just one thing, if you have any other discount app or free gift app, the discount will not work. I have to uninstall free gift app from Secomapp because I need to use this quantity break discount.

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If you're looking for an app to offer a discounted products when customers add to cart a certain quantity, you can take a look at DoubleC app: http://apps.shopify.com/flash-deal

For example, the popup with the discount will be shown on cart page when the customer add a certain minimum number of product or add specific product to cart.

The offer can also be shown on the product page and the thank you page. 

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Hello Dear Admin 


you can try https://apps.shopify.com/all-in-one-automatic-discounts All In one Automatic Discount for this offer


it has a bunch of different offer and Discount code that can help you get the Result you want and the customer service and Review is Pretty Great too!!

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