Quantity based discount on size variant but based on uploaded image

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Hi everyone, 

I want to offer discount like following 

where user will select a size and he will see the quantity  based discount and upload an image



Now, I used an app to create the quantity based discount but when the customer checks out, it combines the products and apply discount

e.g. a customer selected 25 of 2x2  and uploaded an image add added to cart

and same customer again selected 25 of 2x2 and uploaded another image and added to cart and the discount he got was 5%, however it should not be the case. only the discount should be applied on same uploaded files.

Any ideas?



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Hi @Fahad_Nawaz,

You might want to consider switching to the Easify Product Options app. It lets you set up custom options like File Upload and also enables Tiered wholesale pricing. Plus, if customers add the same product with different image uploads, it won't merge the main product and apply the discount like your current app does 🤗. Here's a demo:

  • Storefront:





  • App settings:





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