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Quantity break while using coupon (discount) codes

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I need a "Quantity break" app but at the same time I need to provide some partners with coupon codes.
I noticed that the apps tend to occupy the coupon code field.
Any solutions for using both?

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You can offer quantity discount via app Selly.


There is an option to display discount code input on cart, so that if customers also have a discount code, they can apply it right here.

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Probably the easiest way to do exactly that is with Bold Quantity Breaks. It does not force coupon codes in, nor does it duplicate products or variants 🙂 

Full disclosure, I am one of the founders. If you have any questions on it, happy to help! 


Here is an example of what that could look like on your shop. Keep in mind, the front end design is 100% customizable. 

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Just So I can understand that would mean that one would be free to use a discount code ontop of any quantity breaks?

Please confirm

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Yep that is exactly correct. You can also put the app in what's called "Draft Order Mode" (basically it uses Shopify's Draft Order API) and then coupon codes would not be allowed. So you can do either 🙂 

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I have been using the Bold Custom Pricing app as I was advised that this issue would be fixed when I changed from Quantity Breaks app and it never works with a coupon code! 
I have given up trying to get Bold to fix this.  It is an expensive app that has never worked as it is advertised to. 

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Hi AlphaGolf,

DiscountDuck allows to do exactly what you're looking for.

You can create beautiful quantity breaks offers with a nice optimized widget and create coupon codes from the app that you can stack with other discounts at checkout.

You can also create stackable automatic discount if you need to.

Here is a preview of the quantity breaks widget widget :


You can find the app on the Shopify app store and try it for FREE :

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I'm looking for an app (or multiple apps) that offer quantity discounts and coupon codes that apply only to items that don't already have a quantity discount applied. I've been following Bold apps for quite some time and even talked to some devs about this issue. The problem with the BOLD custom pricing app (former qty discounts app) is that it creates new variants for each price level offered. This sounds like it would quickly snowball into a nightmare to manage for any store with a larger number of skus and orders. We have a 1000 SKUs (which shopify handles OK) but cant imagine what we would do if an app started to auto-duplicate variants.

The question is, is this limitation simply a hard limitation of the shopify platform?