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Question about "Activate a direct credit card gateway for this store"

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Hi all,


Can't merchants use the Create Order function on the admin side after they using the Payment app?


We found that if a store installs only the Payment app, they can't use the Create Order feature and will get an error message. However, previous Hosted SDKS did not have this error.


So my question is, is it the Payment app that doesn't support this feature? Or did we miss something that led to this failure?



Error message: To save this draft Order, 1 change needs To be made: Activate a direct credit card gateway for this store.


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I have the same issue, do we have a resolution on this?

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Same issue. Has anyone found a resolution?

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Also have this issue, any update or resolution found here? I'm using a third-party payment gateway called Bankful

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I also have the same problem and I need help fixing it