Question Regarding IPv6 Support on Storefront Domain

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I have a question that I'd like to confirm.


Regarding the announcement in the Developer changelog about the mandatory support for "IPv6 Support on Storefront Domain," could someone please provide clarification?


My understanding is that with this update, when IPv6 customers access the app proxy, the proxy URL on the app side should be invoked in its IPv6 form. We have already implemented this support in our subscription app. However, today we encountered a situation where the proxy URL of the app seemed to be converted to IPv4 and invoked when accessed by an IPv6 customer.


Could someone confirm whether my understanding is correct, that the "IPv6 Support on Storefront Domain" is not universally applied to all stores (or all customers) simultaneously?

Additionally, I would like to know when the support for "IPv6 Support on Storefront Domain" will be completed for all stores (or all customers).


I would greatly appreciate it if someone could provide answers to the above two points.

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