Question: Shopify Working With Developers To Increase Revenue?

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So, we have been with Shopify for over a decade and noticed a substantial change in available options and customization within Shopify. We have noticed even simple customization options that have been available for many years suddenly have been removed.


We proceed to contact Shopify support and it seems the usual solution now for these basic requests are now with paid applications, and it seems certain developers are recommended more often.


I mean, this is only an opinion, but it seems that certain developers might be allowed to pay some sort of marketing fee to Shopify in order to promote their applications. This allows Shopify to decrease their budget on in-house development, and increase revenue by charging developers a marketing fee.


Shopify is now able to increase revenue on both ends, and lower their development budget, which would increase profits for its share holders.


Again, this is just an opinion, but if someone has more insight on this, please do share.





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